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Don't take your Gifts for Granted

April 19, 2016



Do you take your Gifts for Granted? 


I was reading a marketing book the other day and it was saying what us business owners all need to think about. “why is your business unique?”


We take our gifts for granted some times because we are so busy rushing about, working in a fast  paced world. We don’t silence our minds and feel the gratitude for all the  wonderful gifts we have been given.


Being an artist I never usually  think about having business skills and how they affect our customers. I just do what I have to do in the office without much fanfare.


 When I put down my paint brush long enough to think about it  I realize the following.


Customers feel reassured when :


- they hear a happy voice at the other end of the phone ready to help them with their party needs.


- they receive a contract  the same day  stating exactly what entertainment they will receive  and  they can add any additional information.


-their  phone is ringing  and they hear a cheerful  voice confirming the correct details of their event two or three days before the event.


Customers are impressed when they hear we will advertise their business on facebook, twitter and on videos on You Tube.  Wow, a clown that does that too. lol


Yes you have to be a jill of all trades to run a small business, with marketing being one of my favourite tasks.


So I am now very grateful for all those days in business classes when I wished I was doing art instead.







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