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About Us

Party Clown Doodlebug
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About Us

Why book Clowns at Party Califorinia ?

 We take our "funny business"  seriously so your party will be a huge success.

Love Heart


  *  "Award Winning" Entertainers

        Professional -in all aspects. 

  *   Show stopper costumes

  *   Advanced creative skills

  *   Self Sufficient & Reliable

  *  Stress free for you

  *   Efficient -Contracts and Confirmation

  *   Advertise you on social media/websites

  *   Line ups move quickly

  *   Fast, safe face painting products

  *   We "go the extra mile"

       to ensure your event is huge success

.Years of experience, insured and police checked.



Love Heart

Why is your company

called Clowns at Party California ?

In 1986 we were entertaining some seniors at a pool party in California just for fun. They thought we were professional entertainers and wanted to hire us. We thought it was hilarous and have been laughing for a living ever since. Party California Clowns update their skills constantly and we love what we do so you can't help but have a barrel of Fun.

Love Heart
Love Heart
Face Painting Clown

How old are we ?

Clowns are ageless. Whether it be squeals of delight from a child or the sparkle in a senior's eye you will    our entertainment.

Love Heart
Face Painting seniors

What is my Mum doing? 

             She is at home eating peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches .

Balloon Clown

How many clowns fit into a Volkswagen? 


Party Clowns

Just 2 of us 
Doodlebug & Round-a- bout

Love Heart

Do other Entertainers  work with us ?

Yes we have a "giggle" of fabulous entertainers  for Fast Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Magic and Santa. *Festivals, School Fun Fairs, Daycare Parties *Special Events, Business Improvement *Street Parties, *Corporate Events to a small home Birthday Party. We have a network to all the best family entertainers in Toronto/GTA. 
Balloon Clown
clowns canada logo
Party Clowns|Santa
Party Clowns | Mississauga

We Love Santa

Love Hearts

Is Doodlebug a real artist ?


The funny thing is my Mum always told me I freaked the teachers out at school because my drawings were always upside down.  lol

Doodlebug's painting
Doodlebug painting
Doodlebug's Art
Doodlebug's Art
Doodlebug painitng
Doodlebug painting
Doodlebug art
Love Heart

Doodlebug loves face painting - Mississaua/GTA 

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