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Oakville Mayor's Picnic

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Dear Doodlebug and Associate,


On behalf of the Oakville Historical Society – we want to extend a HUGE thank you for participating in the Mayor’s Historical Picnic on Sunday, June 11th.


What a joy to work with your team!  What a delightful duo of professionals.  I was very impressed at how each child was made to feel special, and given individualized attention.  For example, everyone got to view their face and approve of same, before the next child was in the chair!


Also, we are already looking to the future.   Sunday, June 9th, 2024 will be our Mayor’s Historical Picnic date for next year.  Again it will be from 12 noon until 1630 hours.


If possible, may we ask for your assistance next year, when we are again in the throes of planning?  I know you are much in demand, and we want to ensure we are on your calendar!


Our Committee has already agreed that we should have 2 face painters and 1 balloon artist.  The line up for face painting was ceaseless, and poor Doodlebug never got a break!


Thank you so much again, and thank you for all you do for our Town – especially the children!


Most sincerely,


Marci MacDonald


Events Committee





Clowns at Party California have provided excellent face painting services at our Community Events for the past two years. They are on time, enthusiastic, and are always well received by our membership.

Debbie Gonin-Braun


We hired Bev from Clowns at Party California to do the face painting at the OPNC Fall Fair.
She was so well received by the kids, the designs were great, and it was amazing how quickly she could paint faces. The kids just loved having their faces painted by her.

marci macdonald


Amazing job at Face Painting & very quick. The quality was excellent and I would highly recommend Clowns at Party California to any event.


We use them for our Annual Airport Day at the Brampton Flight Centre every year because they are AMAZING! Their face painting is so professional and they are so quick! We look forward to having them every year!


Professional. They did a great job for our company event at the Toronto RV Camp Show

Toronto RV/Camp Show

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 2.53.42 PM.png

Kid's Help Walk-a-thon

That's great feedback, and next year if I'm doing the bookings again, I will certainly put that all in consideration. 


We were so happy to have you there. Thanks for all the work you and Ian did, which helped make the event so fun and successful!


Take care Bev and hope to work with you again!


Marissa Hardy

JST Productions Inc


Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 8.14.09 AM.png

Orangeville Fair  

Hi Bev/Doodlebug!


You were absolutely sensational.  My husband and kids are still telling people of the amazing beauty you created with one swoop of the brush!  We'd be thrilled to book you for our event, it would be from 11am to 3pm on Saturday November 18th, 2023.  I'm also wondering if you ever work with a second artist?  Please let us know if you're available!


Thanks so much, 


Orangeville Christmas Market on CityNews Toronto

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