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Kid's Tropical Face Painting
Ready for Cuba !
Happy Clown Kid
All ages ❤️ a clown
Balloon Hat/ Kid's Monster Face
Super Fast as boys love it.
Festival Face Painting
Party California Artists at work on Canada Day
Abilities Expo Show
Artsy (Doodlebug) loves to paint kid's faces.
Unicorn Sisters Face Painting
Wow, I'm so beautiful !
Kid's Wildhood Face Painting
Kids love their colours to match their clothes
Delicate Rose Painting
Kid's of all ages ❤️ Roses
Grrrr ! Kid's love Tigers.
Tigers are popular at Festivals, Promotions, Birthday Parties..all Special Events
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We met up with Doodlebug as we were leaving the BabyTime Show at the International Centre. Just wanted to say you do a fantastic job at facepainting - each face becomes a work of art that is just beautiful, and you do it so effortlessly with lightning speed! You have an amazing talent there for sure! I loved the work you did on my daughter & her friend so much I had you do my face as well...then my girlfriend did hers too! Everywhere we went (after we left) we brought smiles to the faces of strangers who we caught admiring your handiwork. Thanks very much !

Shelly McKay

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