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We take our "Funny Business" Seriously

Our previous accountant used to have a twinkle in her eye and a smile on face and would say "you take your funny business so seriously!"

There is a serious side to our funny business.

Every small business owner has to wear several hats and try to become an expert at all facets of running a business.

It's a difficult task when all you want to do is clown around !

But rest assure, Clowns at Party California is just as good at the serious side of their business as they are at clowning around. Doodlebug's mum made sure she took business courses at school not ever expecting her clown around and face paint for a living.

Whether you are booking a festival, promotion or special event you will receive a contract to ensure all the details of your party are correct. Clowns at Party California will request you sign your contract and return it to hold your entertainer.

Confirmations for small home birthday parties can be requested.

You will always receive a confirmation a few days before your party. This is a good time to ask any last minute questions.

Doodlebug has created the website and keeps up with social media so yes, we would love it if you would like our Facebook page Clowns at Party California.

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