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Doodlebug * Advocate for PHDABIS

Yesterday Doodlebug had the honour of speaking on behalf of the care givers of the Peel Halton Dufferin Brain Injury Services at their Quarter Century Event.

She was speaking about the huge waiting list of desperate families that need the services of PHDABIS.

“Close your eyes and think about someone you really love…..your husband, wife, child, parent. Now think about if suddenly they had an acquired brain injury.

Think about if you could no longer care for them………

THERE IS NO HOUSING FOR THEM which could mean the streets.”

Doodlebug has personally experienced the services of Peel, Halton, Dufferin Acquired Brain Injury Services as she is the main care giver for her brother who has an acquired brain injury from a tobogganing accident when they were kids.

There was a gully covered in snow at the bottom of the hill. They hit it, flew off the toboggan and Doodlebug’s brother’s head landed on the wooden toboggan. She was 14 and her brother was 5.

After an operation to release the pressure on his brain and two weeks in Sick Kids Hospital there was no care or support for Doodlebug’s family for over 35 years.

When Doodlebug found PHDABIS you have no idea of how relieved she was to finally have support.

PHDABIS is the most professional organization Doodlebug have ever seen and after 29 years in business so that is saying something HUGE !

All the workers are passionate about what they do, they are kind, caring, respective and clients feel like they are one big family.

The programs for their clients are fabulous with a variety of choices and lots of special events to socialize at.

The care giver workshops are great learning tools and familes get support and personal advice that is essential.

Doodlebug can not say enough about how grateful she is for PHDABIS. They saved her brother’s life and help family members cope.


Peel Halton Dufferin Acquired Brain Injury Services

176 Robert Speck Pky, Mississauga ON L4Z 3G1


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