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Clowns that Care World Wide

Yes, Doodlebug, Round-about and Mum clown are off to Cuba soon to clown around.

We like to know our efforts get to the people that need it the most so we have 150 pounds of clothes, medication, shoes, personal products etc. we personally deliver to families in Cuba.

Wonderwear Diaper Service were very generous and donated 20 cloth diapers, plastic pants and a diaper bag.

Neighbours and friends donated clothes.

We stocked up on kid’s clothes at the Salvation Army $1.00 per item sale and can’t wait to surprise Suzie a new mum that will be so grateful for anything for her baby girl.

Cubans love Doodlebug's art for their kid's rooms s much as she enjoys painting for them.

What joy it is to help others that have far less than us.

Yes, when I hear O Canada I am have so much gratitude that I was born in Canada.

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