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Act of Kindness-Wonderwear Cloth Diaper Service

Thank you SO MUCH Jamie at Wonderwear Modern Diaper Services for your kind donation of 20 cute orange diapers, diaper bag and plastic pants.

Suzie a young mother in Cuba will be absolutely thrilled to have these for her baby girl that will be 4 months old when we visit in October.

Your act of kindness gives me such a happy heart ! Doodlebug

Wonderwear Review Blog Post

Wonderwear cloth diaper service takes the work out of cloth diapering while saving you money vs disposables!

Have you considered a cloth diaper service? Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service offers many benefits that are worth exploring…

  • Super easy! Essentially, a cloth diaper service is as easy as disposables. When you change your baby, simply toss the soiled diaper in the odor and wet proof diaper bag they provide and leave on your doorstep once a week for pick up. When they pick up, they will leave you hospital level sanitized diapers in a clean diaper bag. You just remove the clean diapers and place the new diaper bag in your diaper pail ready to collect used diapers for the week.

  • Cheaper than disposables! At only $19.95 per week for unlimited diapers, Wonderwear cloth diaper service is cheaper than a bag of disposables. Over the 2.5 years that your baby is in diapers, the math suggests you will save roughly $1300 using this service.

  • A healthier alternative for your baby. Wonderwear has a state of the art, hospital approved laundering process which uses no harmful chemicals (no bleach, no chlorine) while ensuring like new results. Extremely high temperature washes (which cannot be achieved with home washers) ensure all bacteria is removed from the diapers. They also PH balance the diapers to that of baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Fit like disposables. Wonderwear diapers are formed fitted with elasticized legs and back, have multiple snap closures and are sized by age… just like disposables!

  • More diaper sizes than any other diaper service! Wonderwear has an amazing 10 different diaper sizes to ensure an excellent fit as your baby grows. A super fit means less leaks and more comfort for your baby. They also have thicker nighttime diapers in multiple sizes.

  • Better for the environment. A cloth diaper service reduces deforestation and the landfill concerns associated with disposables!

Wonderwear is a super alternative to disposable diapers. Check out their website at

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